ADS Fragment Size Standards

ADS Fragment Size Standards contain ADS 500-Orange and 500-Red Fragment Size Standards, which are high performance alternatives to Applied Biosystems® 500 LIZ and ROX Size Standard, respectively.

  • High-quality internal size standards for precisely determining DNA size and abundance in various fragment analysis applications such as mutations detection, genotyping and DNA profiling.
  • Both standard ladders provide 16 discrete bands ranging from 35 bp to 500 bp: 35, 50, 75, 100, 139, 150, 160, 200, 250, 300, 340, 350, 400, 450, 490, and 500 bp.
  • Ready-to-use in various fluorescence-detection instruments such as Applied Biosystems® 3100, 3130/3130xl and 3730/3730xl Genetic Analyzers.

Kit components Each product kit contains two tubes of 200 µl standard and can be used for at least 800 reactions. Smaller kits that contain 100 µl standard used for 200 reactions are also available.

ADS Fragment Size Standards provide high-quality internal lane ladders from different fragment analysis applications. Here we compare the performance of our products with Applied Biosystems® GeneScan size standards. Left panel below: ADS 500-Orange Fragment Size Standard (top) and GeneScan 500 LIZ Internal Lane Standard (bottom) resolved on an Applied Biosystems® 3100 Genetic Analyzer. Right panel below: ADS 500-Red Fragment Size Standard (top) and GeneScan 500 ROX Internal Lane Standard (bottom) resolved on an Applied Biosystems® 3100 Genetic Analyzer.

ADS™ 500-Red Fragment Size Standard


ADS™ 500-Orange Fragment Size Standard

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.