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How Does SupreDye Compare to BigDye?

AdvancedSeq developed the SupreDye chemistry as a drop-in-ready alternative to BigDye chemistry for high-quality Sanger sequencing. Not only for the dyes, the PwrPOP polymers, ADS 5Xsequencing buffer, ADS 10X running buffer, and TruPure formamide we carry are also...

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Should I replace or regenerate my capillary array?

Capillary array as a carrier for polymers, the separation media, is critical for peak separation in Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis. Each capillary array costs several thousands of dollars; taking good care of the capillary array goes a long way for saving...

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When Is Sanger Sequencing Used in Clinical Setting?

Sanger Sequencing and NGS Sanger sequencing as a gold standard for DNA sequencing is still commonly used in clinical settings. However, there is a trend that many clinical tests are using NGS to replace Sanger sequencing. The practice leverages the throughput,...

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Purification Methods of Cycle Sequencing Reactions

Importance of cleaning cycle sequencing reactions In the sanger sequencing workflow, cycle sequencing reaction is certainly the core and critical step because the reaction determines if the extension products are appropriately synthesized and labeled with great...

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