PwrPOP Polymers

PwrPOP™ polymers are high-quality CE polymers compatible with ABI instruments and buffers. PwrPOP™ P4, P6, and P7 polymers are alternatives to POP™ -4, POP™ -6, and POP™ -7 polymers, respectively, as separation matrices for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.They work well together with sequencing reaction samples using BigDye® and SupreDye™ chemistries.

ADS™ Conformational Analysis Polymer (CAP) is used to detect DNA conformational changes for non-denaturing polynucleotide fragment analysis applications.

The ADS™ 10x Sequencing Running Buffer is optimized for capillary electrophoresis on various ABI Genetic Analyzers.

Kit components
The PwrPOP™ Polymers contain different types of polymers,P4, P6, or P7, for different products.


“I refer your products often since we get really great results.  I believe your pop-4  has kept our units trouble free and I am very happy since we were getting poor results with TS. “

—A forensic scientist from an international company

Polymer comparison shows that PwrPOP™ P7 polymer shows comparative separation performance with Polymer from Vendor T

PwrPOP™ P7 Sequencing Polymer


PwrPOP™ P6 Sequencing Polymer


PwrPOP™ P4 Sequencing Polymer


ADS™ Conformational Analysis Polymer (CAP)


ADS™ 10x CE Running Buffer

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.