For high-performance and cost-effective Sanger sequencing reactions

PwrPOP™ Polymers

Power for even peaks and space

SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit

Simple and fast cleaning of sequencing reactions

ADS™ Sequencing Reaction Cleaning Beads

Cost-effective for high throughput sequencing

ADS™ Capillary Array Regeneration Kit

Cost-saving cleaning for more sequencing runs

Your High-quality and Cost-effective Sanger Sequencing Reagent Provider

Sanger sequencing, the DNA sequencing method based on the selective incorporation of chain-terminating dideoxynucleotides by DNA polymerase, has been the most widely used sequencing method for approximately 40 years. Despite the rapid development of other sequencing technologies, Sanger sequencing is still the gold standard DNA sequencing method. We have built a complete high quality Sanger sequencing product line to serve the increasing need of the global genomics community. Some of these products, such as SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kit, have been adopted by the sequencing labs worldwide.

Sanger Sequencing: Still the Gold Standard for DNA Sequencing

With the rapid development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology and its fast-growing applications, there is no doubt that Sanger sequencing will continue to serve as the gold standard with 99.99% sequencing accuracy. Sanger sequencing and NGS go hand in hand, both are required for the genomics communityto serve the need in both research and clinicaltests.
NGS Still Needs Sanger Sequencing  
With much improvements being made for NGS, today NGS still needs Sanger sequencing, but not vice versa. Sanger sequencing plays an important role to identify the false-positive mutations occurred in NGS. In addition, Sanger sequencing is still used for large contiguous genomic fragment sequencing in an NGS genomic sequencing project.
Cost-effective Sanger Sequencing  
For a mature technology, such as Sanger sequencing, lowering cost is essential for fast-developing research fields with constraint funding. With cost-effectiveness in mind, we have developed novel alternative products within the Sanger sequencing workflow that maintain high quality of sequencing. Some of these products, such as SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kit, has been adopted worldwide in the community.

Featured Products

ADS™ SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kit

High-performance alternative for BigDye™ Terminator v. 3.1 or 1.1 Cycling Sequencing Kit

SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit

Fast, simple, and effective purification for DNA sequencing reactions

TruPure™ Formamide

For high-performance sequencing sample resuspension

PwrPOP™ Polymers

For better signal intensity and stability
High-quality Sanger sequencing SupreDye chemistry


SupreDye v3.1 is a great, cost effective substitute to the original BDT v3.1.  It gives equivalent (or better) results at a fraction of the cost, which helps keep our prices low for our academic customers.

---Core Lab Director

I was very happily surprised by the results of SupreDye (v3.1): I tested it in a variety of ways and found that it not only yields comparable results to that of ABI’s BigDye (BDT3.1), but it even outperformed BDT3.1 when it came to reading through secondary structures (there is no drop-off in peak height or quality with SupreDye)! I highly recommend the use of this product (which was used in conjunction with the 5x buffer), and am looking forward to trying other ADS products to provide improved results for my clients while also lowering costs for my company (a win-win)!

---Commercial Lab Operator

SupreDye Version 1.1 performed exactly as expected, and produced high quality data. It was an easy drop-in replacement for the more expensive name-brand dye our core lab has been using. I’m looking forward to trying SupreDye Version 3.1 next!

---Core Lab Operator

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