PwrPOP Polymers

PwrPOP™ polymers are high-quality CE polymers compatible with ABI instruments and buffers. PwrPOP™ P4, P6, and P7 polymers are alternatives to POP™ -4, POP™ -6, and POP™ -7 polymers, respectively, as separation matrices for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.They work well together with sequencing reaction samples using BigDye® and SupreDye™ chemistries.

We provide PwrPOP™ polymers that can be used on different ABI genetic analyzers:

  • 310/3100: PwrPOP™-4 and 6
  • 3130/3130xl: PwrPOP™-4, 6, and 7
  • 3730/3730xl: PwrPOP™-6, 7
  • 3500/3500xl: PwrPOP™-4, 6, and 7 (for these products that need to go with RFID, visit the AB3500 reagent page)

ADS™ Conformational Analysis Polymer (CAP) is used to detect DNA conformational changes for non-denaturing polynucleotide fragment analysis applications.

The ADS™ 10x Sequencing Running Buffer is optimized for capillary electrophoresis on various ABI Genetic Analyzers and should be diluted to 1x before use.

Kit components
The PwrPOP™ polymers contain different types of polymers (P4, P6, or P7) in different size of containers. Note: The polymers have a short shelf life and should be used within the expiry date to prevent getting bad sequencing results, making the array dirty or shortening the array’s life.


“I refer your products often since we get really great results.  I believe your pop-4  has kept our units trouble free and I am very happy since we were getting poor results with TS. “

—A forensic scientist from an international company

Polymer comparison shows that PwrPOP™ P7 polymer shows comparative separation performance with Polymer from Vendor T

PwrPOP™-4 Sequencing Polymer

PwrPOP™-6 Sequencing Polymer

PwrPOP™-7 Sequencing Polymer

ADS™ Conformational Analysis Polymer (CAP)

ADS™ 10x CE Running Buffer

ADS™ Conditioning Reagent for 3500 Series

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.