SupreDye XT Purification Kit

SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit removes unincorporated components from extension products and is used for fast purification of sequencing reactions. This product can be used for cleanup of sequencing reactions with BigDye® and SupreDye™ chemistry. This fast and easy procedure removes dye blobs and allows for better signal reading. Since the procedure does not need repeated washing steps, sample loss from either long or short fragments is minimized.

Note: if SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit is used for purification of extension products, the samples will be directly loaded on CE without the need for resuspension.

  • Fast, reliable, reproducible
  • Efficient dye blob removal
  • Simple workflow, little hands-on time
  • Excellent short and long fragment recovery, higher signal

Kit Components
SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit contains SupreDye™ XT purification resin and solution.

Use alternative cleanup product we offer?

If you are looking for a more cost-effective product that achieve the same cleanup performance, you can use our ADS sequencing reaction cleaning beads.

Comparable sequencing performance from samples purified using Thermo Fisher Scientific Xterminator Purification kit (top) and AdvancedSeq SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit (bottom).

SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit-800mL

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.