ADS™ Reagents for 3500 Series

withoutRefill running buffer and PwrPOP polymers for AB 3500 genetic analyzers are developed to meet the needs of AB 3500 users for high-quality yet cost-effective consumables. The refilled buffer and polymer usage is tracked with radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags. Refer to the user manuals for the details of the products that should be used based on the different version of the software.

Refill running buffer for AB 3500 Genetic Analyzers is to refill 1X fresh running buffer into used anode and cathode buffer containers. The three different types of polymers (PwrPOP-4, -6, and -7) are individually packed in disposable pouches for use on AB 3500 genetic analyzers (3500/3500XL). A conditioning reagent pouch is also available for users who need to switch between different types of polymers.

Kit components:

Refill Running Buffer for AB 3500 Genetic Analyzers comes with two bottles of 1X running buffer for the cathode buffer container and one bottle of 1X running buffer for the anode buffer container for easy refill. The anode and cathode buffer containers for the instruments are not provided. The buffer comes either with or without RFID tags for the running buffer. Check your software version and the user manual before deciding if you need to purchase the running buffer or the polymer with an RFID tag or without.

A PwrPOP polymer pouch comes with a polymer pouch with or without an RFID tag monitoring the use for 384 or 960 reactions.


“The polymer works perfectly. We do not see any difference between the sample and the ABI stuff.” — Director  of a core lab and Professor at an American university.

 We have run our tests comparing AdvancedSeq Pwr POP7 vs. ABI POP 7 and we see no difference at all in the sequencing quality. Hence we are very happy with the lower cost AdvancedSeq product and will use that going forward.” —Director of a non-for-profit organization in the US.


Running buffer and polymers for other genetic analyzers?

Need running buffer and polymers for 310/3100, 3130 or 3730 series? We have different volume sizes of running buffer and polymers available.

Polymer and running buffer comparison between ABI and ADS shows similar and interchangeable sequencing performance.

Comparison between ADS and ABI

The polymer and running buffer products for use on AB 3500 genetic analyzers are compared for sequencing performance.


PwrPOP™-7 for 3500 Series

PwrPOP™-6 for AB 3500 Genetic Analyzers

PwrPOP™-4 for AB 3500 Genetic Analyzers

ADS™ Conformational Analysis Polymer (CAP)

ADS™ Refill Running Buffer for 3500 Series

ADS™ Conditioning Reagent for 3500 Series

ADS™ Conditioning Reagent for 3500 Series

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.