TruPure Formamide

TruPure™ Formamide is a highly deionized formamide specifically developed for sample resuspension,especially for sequencing sample prepared by ethanol precipitation, and for dilution of standards for fragment analysis. The great advantage offered by this product is maintenance of signal intensity and stability.

Note: If samples are purified using SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit, they will not be resuspended in TruPure™ formamide as they are directly loaded for capillary electrophoresis.

  • Deionized with high purity
  • High signal intensity
  • Great signal stability

Kit components
TruPure™ Formamide contains highly purified and deionized formamide in different volumes.

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TruPure™ Formamide

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.