Regeneration Products

ADS™ Capillary Regeneration Kit

For sustaining high-quality sequencing
After multiple sequencing runs, polymer deposit and protein contaminants from the sequencing samples may accumulate on the capillary array surface and compromise the capillary array performance and jeopardize the sequencing quality. Without proper regeneration to remove the adhesion of the contaminants, the array may have to be replaced early, which significantly increases the preventable cost for a sequencing facility.

By monitoring the sequencing read length and peak spacing and comparing their value differences at normal runs, a sequencing operator may be able to judge if the capillary needs regeneration. Other factors, such as the age of the running buffer and the polymer, may also affect these changes. It is important to perform sequencing using reagents according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to consider all these influencing factors before regenerating the capillary array.

The ADS™ Capillary Regeneration Kit cleans the capillary array and restores its performance for generating long sequencing read length and for lowering noise and background.