ADS Exo-Alp PCR Cleanup Mix

Exo-Alp PCR Cleanup Mix is an alternative to ExoSAP-IT PCR Product Cleanup Reagent. The product is used to clean up PCR products by degrading PCR primers and dephosphorylating the dNTPs in the completed PCR reactions. The clean PCR product can be used directly for Sanger sequencing, next generation sequencing (NGS) or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) analysis.

Compared with other purification methods that use spin columns and magnetic beads, this enzymatic method for cleanup of PCR products has the following advantages:

  • Cleanup in the same PCR reaction tube and no sample transfer
  • Little hands-on time-just adding the product
  • No multiple steps of washes or elution so no DNA loss

Kit components:

Exo-Alp PCR Cleanup Mix contains only the enzymatic mix and no additional buffer is necessary. The product unit size is 100, 500, 2,000, and 5,000 reactions.

Alternative product

This product is easy to use, less hands-on time and most importantly, does not lose sample. If you prefer a more cost-effective solution, try the PCR cleaning beads.



ADS™ Exo-Alp PCR Cleanup Mix

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.