Product Testimonials

SupreDye Cycle Sequencing Kits

“SupreDye v3.1 is a great, cost effective substitute to the original BDT v3.1.  It gives equivalent (or better) results at a fraction of the cost, which helps keep our prices low for our academic customers.” From a Core Director at a university

“I was very happily surprised by the results of SupreDye (v3.1): I tested it in a variety of ways and found that it not only yields comparable results to that of ABI’s BigDye (BDT3.1), but it even outperformed BDT3.1 when it came to reading through secondary structures (there is no drop-off in peak height or quality with SupreDye)! I highly recommend the use of this product (which was used in conjunction with the 5x buffer), and am looking forward to trying other ADS products to provide improved results for my clients while also lowering costs for my company (a win-win)!” From Operator at a sequencing company

“SupreDye Version 1.1 performed exactly as expected and produced high quality data. It was an easy drop-in replacement for the more expensive name-brand dye our core lab has been using. I’m looking forward to trying SupreDye Version 3.1 next!” From an operator at a university

“I had a chance last week to test your SupreDye Cycle Sequencing reagents. They performed very well with our existing protocol and no difference in results. A very satisfactory outcome. “ From Technician of a university core lab

“I would like to tell you that we use SupreDye V3.1 and that work very well. I would like to quote the reagent to 1000 rxns.” From the lab director at an international pharma company.

“The dGTP kit has been doing the trick. I keep it my back pocket and use only when necessary. A huge plus is no spiking into the mix, just plug and play.” From a sequencing technologist at a university.


Array Regeneration Kit

” The result looks really good. I am very happy with how the kit performed.” From Core Director at a university

We use your regeneration kit as part of our capillary maintenance.  It really does help prolong the use of our capillaries.”  From Technical expert from an international company


ADS-500 Orange


“Your 500 Orange was very good!  Also, we used your regeneration kit and it seemed to work well too. We are in the process of transferring some testing that needs 500 orange.  Once we complete the transfer. I will place another order from you.” From Technical expert from a Canadian Company

  I finally had a chance to test the ADS 500-Orange this week, and the results are excellent! The fragment sizing is virtually identical to that of ROX 500, and comparable to that of liz-600.” From Research scientist from a company


PwrPOP-4 polymer


 “I refer your products often since we get really great results.  I believe your pop-4  has kept our units trouble free and I am very happy since we were getting poor results with TS. ” From  a forensic scientist from an international company


PwrPOP-7 polymer for AB 3500 series


“The polymer works perfectly. We do not see any difference between the sample and the ABI stuff.” From Director and Professor of a university core lab

 “We have run our tests comparing AdvancedSeq Pwr POP7 vs. ABI POP 7 and we see no difference at all in the sequencing quality. Hence we are very happy with the lower cost AdvancedSeq product and will use that going forward. From Director of a non-for-profit organization in the US.