SupreDye Cycle Sequencing Kits

As a powerful alternative to BigDye® Terminator v3.1 and v1.1 Cycle Sequencing kits, the SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kits provide all the sequencing-required components, except for the template and primer, in a ready, pre-mixed format. Both single-stranded  DNA or double-stranded DNA templates from PCR, plasmids, rolling circle amplified products, as well as G-rich templates (GT and GC) can be sequenced with high quality results.

SupreDye™ v1.1 and v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kits are alternatives to BigDye® Terminator Cycle Sequencing v1.1 (for shorter reading or reading near primer) and v3.1 (for longer reading such as de novo sequencing and resequencing purpose), respectively. These products are used as “plug-and-play” substitute for BigDye® Terminator Cycle Sequencing kits without changing the protocol, volume, or setting. The products can be used with other products in the Sanger sequencing workflow either from AdvancedSeq or ABI.

The SupreDye™ dGTP v1.1 and v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kits are designed for sequencing G-rich templates or templates with secondary structure such as hairpin with greater success. They are alternatives for dGTP BigDye® Terminator Cycle Sequencing v1.0 and v3.0, respectively. The SupreDye™ dGTP cycle sequenicng kits are used alone, without the need to mix with standard kits to reduce compression.

  • Proven high-performance
  • Widely accepted in community
  • Increased robustness for difficult templates
  • Even peak heights and long read lengths

Kit components

The kits contain the SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing mixture and 5x sequencing buffer.


“SupreDye v3.1 is a great, cost effective substitute to the original BDT v3.1.  It gives equivalent (or better) results at a fraction of the cost, which helps keep our prices low for our academic customers.”—Core Lab Director
“I was very happily surprised by the results of SupreDye (v3.1): I tested it in a variety of ways and found that it not only yields comparable results to that of ABI’s BigDye (BDT3.1), but it even outperformed BDT3.1 when it came to reading through secondary structures (there is no drop-off in peak height or quality with SupreDye)! I highly recommend the use of this product (which was used in conjunction with the 5x buffer), and am looking forward to trying other ADS products to provide improved results for my clients while also lowering costs for my company (a win-win)!” —Commercial Lab Operator
“SupreDye Version 1.1 performed exactly as expected, and produced high quality data. It was an easy drop-in replacement for the more expensive name-brand dye our core lab has been using. I’m looking forward to trying SupreDye Version 3.1 next!” —Core Lab Operator

“I had a chance last week to test your SupreDye Cycle Sequencing reagents. They performed very well with our existing protocol and no difference in results. A very satisfactory outcome. “—Technician at a university core lab


“I would like to tell you that we use SupreDye V3.1 and that works very well. I would like to quote the reagent to 1000 rxns.” —Lab Director at an international pharma company


“The dGTP kit has been doing the trick. I keep it my back pocket and use only when necessary. A huge plus is no spiking into the mix, just plug and play.” —Sequencing technologist at a US university


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SupreDye Cycle Sequencing Kit (top) shows much better signal intensity and uniformity compared to Vendor T (bottom).

Compared to Vendor T product (bottom), SupreDye (top) chemistry shows much better performance for sequencing a difficult template with secondary structures by generating strong and long read signal.

SuperDye dGTP BD3 Cycle Sequencing Kit (top) provides much better performance on a GC-rich template than the regular BD3 Cycle Sequencing Kit (bottom).

SupreDye™ v1.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit

SupreDye™ v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit

SupreDye™ dGTP v1.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit

SupreDye™ dGTP v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit

ADS™ 5x Sequencing Reaction Buffer

ADS™ SupreDye™ Enhancer

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Note: The products are for research use only, not for diagnostic procedures.