ADS phi29 DNA Polymerase and RCA DNA Amplification Kit

phi29 DNA polymerase from the Bacillus subtilis phage phi29 is the replicative polymerase that processes high processivity and strand-displacement activity. The enzyme has been widely used in modern molecular biology for different applications such as amplification of plasmid templates for Sanger sequencing for amplification of plasmid templates, virus genome sequencing using next-generation sequencing, genotyping, and whole genome amplifications such as amplification of viral genomes.

We provide phi29 DNA polymerase and phi29 RCA DNA amplification kit. Both products can be used to amplify DNA at 30oC for 4 to 18 hours. The DNA template used for amplification can be plasmid DNA, lysate from a single colony or microliters of culture.

Kit components:

phi29 DNA polymerase comes with the enzyme and 10X Buffer; phi29 RCA DNA amplification kit is a DNA amplification-ready kit that contains DNA lysate buffer, 2X Amplification buffer, and phi29 DNA polymerase.

Using PCR product as template?

If you are using PCR product as template for sequencing, visit the PCR and PCR Cleaning Beads page.

RCA amplification time course using phi29 DNA polymerase from a competition or AdvancedSeq (ADS)