ADS Protein Stain Solution (Eco-safe)

SDS-PAGE (SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) is a routine technique for protein analysis, including Western Blot, of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. It is also used for protein expression and purification to check protein size, expression level and purity. In addition, it is used to cut out the single protein band from other impurities for mass spectrometry analysis (i.e. protein identification by peptide sequencing).

After SDS-PAGE, the polyacrylamide gel or the western PVDF membrane where protein is transferred to during Western Blot, are often stained to view protein bands that are separated based on protein sizes. Traditionally, the Coomassie-blue stain solution contains acetic acids and methanol that are hazardous materials with unpleasant smell and need to be disposed properly. In addition, the gel or membrane usually needs to be de-stained for a couple of times using a de-stain solution before the blue gel background is removed.

ADS Protein Stain Solution removes the hazardous materials, and the de-staining can be done using tap water. The protein staining process can be done either at room temperature or accelerated by microwave staining. The whole process can be done within one hour.

Kit components: The ADS Protein Stain Solution contains one liter of ready-to-use staining solution. The product can be stored at room temperature for half a year.

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ADS™ Protein Stain Solution (EcoSafe)

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