AdvancedSeq Launches New Website

Featuring cost-effective alternative products for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis

[Pleasanton, California, November 5, 2019] AdvancedSeq, LLC announces the launch of their new website today featuring alternative products for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis. Sanger sequencing is an important technique in modern molecular biology. Sanger sequencing has been widely used for DNA mutation identification and confirmation over the past 40 years, and will continue to serve the scientific community.

AdvancedSeq has developed Sanger sequencing products, including the flagship product SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kits that have been used worldwide. The product is proven with comparable performance to BigDye® Terminator chemistry.

The launch of the new website signifies the availability of SupreDye and other Sanger sequencing products developed at AdvancedSeq at a global level and will improve product awareness. These products will add appreciable cost effectiveness to Sanger sequencing companies and sequencing core facilities in academic institutions.

AdvancedSeq, LLC specializes in making high-quality DNA sequencing and PCR reagents and related products for Life Science research at competitive prices. Founded by scientists and product managers with extensive knowledge and experience in the Life Science industry, the company products are trusted and used by many companies and academic labs worldwide. We have distributors and sales force in the US, Europe and China, and are fully committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective products to our customers with superior technical support.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact AdvancedSeq by calling (818) 639-4362 or email us.