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The Power of 40 years of Sanger Sequencing

Sanger sequencing, the dideoxy chain-termination DNA sequencing method, is a mature technology that is still popular and relevant today. It first incorporates fluorescence-labeled dideoxynucleotides (ddNTPs) to terminate linear DNA chain elongation based on a single primer and template. The template is sequenced by detecting the labeled extension products with a single nucleotide difference in length. Sanger sequencing (view the poster by Diego Estrada-Rivadeneyra, which won one of the three 50th anniversary science communication competition prizes in 2017) has been pivotal in multiple scientific discoveries in the past 40 years. Sanger sequencing technique, still the gold standard today, is the foundation of the DNA sequencing milestones and has transformed the field of Biology.

Sanger Sequencing Applications

Automation in Sanger Sequencing has accelerated genomics research.Sanger sequencing has been used extensively in gene mutation studies (single nucleotide mutation, insertion and deletion, or indels), de novo sequencing, resequencing, and HLA genotyping. In recent years, amidst the fast development of next-generation sequencing (NGS), Sanger sequencing has new applications, such as validation of NGS to confirm false-positive results, and filling-in of large contiguous gaps resulting from hard- to-sequence areas due to GC-rich content. Even with NGS starting to penetrate the clinical diagnostics area, Sanger sequencing is still often used in clinical genomics labs to confirm NGS results, especially in detecting mutations with clinical significance or in interpreting biologically implausible results.

Cost-effective Sanger Sequencing

Cost saving isa prime consideration for Sanger Sequencing services. Maintaining high quality while minimizing the cost is a challenge for DNA service companies worldwide, who constantly face strong competition. We have developed cost-effective reagents for Sanger Sequencing that generate high-quality DNA sequencing on standard genetic analyzers.

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