During capillary electrophoresis, a particular type of polymer is injected into capillary array and used as liquid separation matrix for Sanger sequencing or fragment analysis. Currently, three types of Applied Biosystem (AB) polymers are used for these applications, including POP-4, 6, and 7. We have developed PwrPOP-4, 6, and 7 as alternatives to POP-4,5, and 6 polymers, respectively. The performance between the two brands of polymers is very similar. Therefore, PwrPOP polymers can be used as a “plug and play” substitute for POP polymers. Actually, you can use PwrPOP polymers with all the other products in the workflow, either from AB or AdvancedSeq.  

Use of PwrPOP-4,6, and 7

Just like the different applications for POP-4,6, and 7, PwrPOP-4,6, and 7 are developed for these different applications as well. For instance, PwrPOP-4 is mainly used for human identification analysis. On the other hand, the PwrPOP-6 and 7 are used for both sanger sequencing and fragment analysis. PwrPOP-6 is used for certain Sanger sequencing applications, such as sequencing of sequences that are close to the primer site when v1.1 cycle sequencing kit is used. The PwrPOP-7, however, is the most prevalent and versatile polymer used in most of the applications.

PwrPOP polymers can be used on all open genetic analyzers: AB 310/3100, 3130 series, and 3730 series

PwrPOP-4,6, and 7 polymers are available in different size of containers that fit AB310/3100 (5 ml), 3130/3130xl (3.5 and 7 ml), and 3730/3730xl (28 ml). Large packs of PwrPOP-7 are also available for 3730 series to meet high-throughput applications.

When can PwrPOP polymers be used for closed AB3500 RUO instruments?

For research-use-only AB3500 series, whether PwrPOP polymers can be used is more complex due to the existence of multiple software versions. The newer versions of the software such as version 3.1 and 3.3, the polymer control by the RFID is relaxed so expired or other brand of consumables can be used as long as the operator wants to overrule the RFID warning and proceed the run. For the instruments with these two versions of the software, our PwrPOP polymers and refill buffer (needs to fill in the original AB buffer containers) are used together with the AB RFID. For an instrument with software version 1.0, any of all the PwrPOP polymers and refill running buffer are used with our own RFID and the original AB RFID will not work in this case. For software versions 2.0 and 3.0, the operator needs to upgrade the software to version 3.1 or 3.3 before they can use our PwrPOP polymers and refill running buffer.


For P4 polymer: 

“I refer your products often since we get really great results.  I believe your pop-4 has kept our units trouble-free and I am very happy since we were getting poor results with TS. “ from a forensic scientist at a commercial company

For PwrPOP-7 polymer for AB 3500 series:

“The polymer works perfectly. We do not see any difference between the sample and the ABI stuff.” From Director and Professor of a US University core lab.

“We have run our tests comparing AdvancedSeq Pwr POP7 vs. ABI POP 7 and we see no difference at all in the sequencing quality. Hence we are very happy with the lower cost AdvancedSeq product and will use that going forward.” From the Director of a non-for-profit organization in the US.

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